Christian Marriage and Family by Nelson Kloosterman

Nelson Kloosterman’s Christian Marriage and Family is a series of lectures delivered in Brazil and adapted into an attractive ebook format, providing a valuable overview of biblical teaching on marriage and family. The first two chapters give a robust account of how the Christian doctrines of creation and sin affect our view of all of life – including the life of the home. Because grace restores nature, the Christian church has much to learn from creation as that to which we are restored in Christ. Kloosterman writes,

“Through the finished work of Jesus Christ, who is the last Adam, those who by faith are united to him are restored to their creational calling. Salvation restores creation. Salvation is not designed to help us escape creation or to be freed from creation. Salvation now restores us to the capacity to fulfill our original calling.”

On that biblical-theological foundation, the third chapter provides a philosophically balanced and pastorally sensitive discussion of contemporary ethical questions involving marriage and family, while the last three chapters survey and apply the key New Testament passages on our respective callings as parents, children, husbands, and wives.

Throughout the book, Kloosterman draws on his experiences as a pastor, professor, father, and husband to apply the wisdom of Scripture to a host of contemporary issues:  everything from fertility treatments to what he terms “the abortion mentality”, and from courtship to the different roles of husbands and wives in modern society. Christian Marriage and Family is highly recommended as a wise, thoughtful, and biblical guide to this important area of the Christian life.

The book is available at in Kindle format for $6.95.

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